Two prehistoric short-cists and an early medieval long-cist cemetery with dug graves on Kingston Common, North Berwick, East Lothian

Author: Ian Suddaby

Contributors: Paul Duffy, Adam Jackson, John Lawson, Ann MacSween, Graeme Warren, George Mudie, Kevin Hicks and Leeanne Whitelaw

Summary: Human remains were discovered during the laying of a water pipe to service the refurbished Fenton Tower at Kingston, near North Berwick (NGR: NT 544 823), in 2001. Two short-cist burials, thirty-eight long-cist burials and bank-defined terraces containing dug graves and a possible chapel (NT58SW 152) were found. It is suggested that three main periods of burial are represented, spanning the Neolithic to the early 2nd millennium AD.

Keywords: Burial, Longcist Cemetery, Chapel, Human Remains, Graves, Burials

Periods: Medieval, Neolithic, Prehistoric

Location: East Lothian, Scotland, UK

Published: 01-01-2009