Two prehistoric short-cists and an early medieval long-cist cemetery with dug graves on Kingston Common, North Berwick, East Lothian

Ian Suddaby (Author)

Paul Duffy (Contributor)

Adam Jackson (Contributor)

John Lawson (Contributor)

Ann MacSween (Contributor)

Graeme Warren (Contributor)

George Mudie (Contributor)

Kevin Hicks (Contributor)

Leeanne Whitelaw (Contributor)

Burial, Longcist Cemetery, Chapel, Human Remains, Graves, Burials
Kingston Common; North Berwick; East Lothian. NGR: NT 544 823
Medieval, Neolithic, Prehistoric


Human remains were discovered during the laying of a water pipe to service the refurbished Fenton Tower at Kingston, near North Berwick, in 2001. Two short-cist burials, thirty-eight long-cist burials and bank-defined terraces containing dug graves and a possible chapel (NT58SW 152) were found. It is suggested that three main periods of burial are represented, spanning the Neolithic to the early second millennium AD.


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Suddaby, Ian, Paul Duffy, Adam Jackson, John Lawson, Ann MacSween, Graeme Warren, George Mudie, Kevin Hicks, and Leeanne Whitelaw. 2009. “Two Prehistoric Short-Cists and an Early Medieval Long-Cist Cemetery With Dug Graves on Kingston Common, North Berwick, East Lothian”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 34 (January).