Material culture

Tony Pollard (Author)

Robert Squair (Contributor)

Tony Pollard (Contributor)

Catherine Smith (Contributor)

Copperalloy Pin, Nails, Pottery, Bone, Sherds
Medieval, Neolithic


The pottery assemblage comprised approximately 350 sherds of various dates (Neolithic, Norse, medieval and tentatively post-medieval) indicating that the caves were a focus for sporadic activity if not continuous occupation over several successive periods in the past. A small group of well preserved bone and antler items were recovered although Antler Cave had only antler tines. Iron nails included clench nails which have a strong association with boat construction but not of any specific period. A copper-alloy pin from Wetweather Cave could have been Norse or medieval in date.


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Pollard, Tony, Robert Squair, Tony Pollard, and Catherine Smith. 2005. “Material Culture”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 18 (January), 15-21.