Post-excavation analyses

George Haggarty (Author)

Nicholas Holmes (Author)

Dennis Gallagher (Author)

David Henderson (Author)

Clare Ellis (Author)

Andrew Heald (Author)

Stuart Campbell (Author)

Patrice Vandorpe (Author)

Jill Turnbull (Author)

Animal Bone Metal, Scottish Postmedieval Oxidised Ware, Pottery, Dutch Postmedieval Glazed Red Earthenware, Clay Tobacco Pipes, Slag Plant Remains Window, Vessel Glass


Detailed specialist reports are held in the archive at the RCAHMS. Pottery was mainly Scottish post-medieval oxidised ware and its reduced version. Most of the medieval pottery was Scottish white gritty ware while the most common import was Dutch post-medieval glazed red earthenware. The assemblage of clay tobacco pipes is a substantial addition to the corpus of 17th-century pipes from Edinburgh. Other brief reports include those on animal bone, metal and slag, plant remains, window and vessel glass and a billon penny of Robert III.


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Haggarty, George, Nicholas Holmes, Dennis Gallagher, David Henderson, Clare Ellis, Andrew Heald, Stuart Campbell, Patrice Vandorpe, and Jill Turnbull. 2013. “Post-Excavation Analyses”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 56 (January), 15-34.