Excavations in the Canongate Backlands, Edinburgh

Author(s): John Gooder

Contributor(s): George Haggarty, Nicholas Holmes, Dennis Gallagher, David Henderson, Clare Ellis, Andrew Heald, Stuart Campbell, Patrice Vandorpe, Jill Turnbull

Summary: The following paper presents the results of two excavations undertaken in 1999 and 2000 within parts of the World Heritage Site of the Old Town of Edinburgh and the Canongate. Excavation at Plot N of the Holyrood North Re-Development Project, Holyrood Road, unearthed evidence of Medieval boundary works (including a possible 12th-century burgh ditch), a 17th-century well, a Medieval graindrying kiln, refuse pits, drainage features and Post-Medieval cultivation soils. Excavation alongside Calton Road revealed evidence of medieval/Post-medieval property divisions, cultivation soils and quarry pits. Both sites yielded significant artefact assemblages.

Keyword(s): boundary, quarry pits, pits, graindrying kiln, ditch, castle, Vessel glass, Pottery, Ceramic Material, Window Glass, Animal Bone

Period(s): Post-Medieval, Medieval

Location(s): Calton Road, Edinburgh. NGR: NT 2597 7399

Published: 01-01-2013