Calton Road

John Gooder (Author)

Ditch, Caledonian Pottery, Stoneware Bottle Sherds, Timber Stakes, Robbed Out Wall, Pits
18th Century, 17th Century


A brief account of the cartographic evidence is followed by a summary of earlier work. During this investigation five broad phases of activity within two burgage plots were identified as follows: phase 1, 14th-15th century, a garden soil and two pits; phase 2, 15th-16th century, a small ditch and a stony path; phase 3, 17th century, garden soil, a robbed out wall trench and a ditch; phase 4, 18th century, a garden soil and 13 timber stakes; phase 5, 19th-20th century, building rubble including several thousand stoneware bottle sherds from the Caledonian Pottery in Glasgow.


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