Prehistoric finds and environmental evidence

Melanie Johnson (Author)

Torben Ballin (Author)

Adam Jackson (Author)

Mhairi Hastie (Author)

Michael Cressey (Author)

Bowls, Pottery, Microliths, Charcoal, Artefacts, Flint, Charred Plant Remains, Impressed Wares, Sandstone Boulder Saddle Quern, Vessels, Beakers, Cereal Grain Hazel Birch
Neolithic, Prehistoric, Mesolithic, Early Neolithic


The prehistoric pottery assemblage represented a maximum of 29 vessels including Neolithic impressed wares, proto-Unstan bowls and Beakers. The lithic assemblage comprised 2788 artefacts almost all of flint. Four stray Mesolithic microliths were recovered along with a few early Neolithic pieces. Most of the artefacts were late Neolithic. A single sandstone boulder saddle quern of broad prehistoric date was recovered. Small samples of charcoal and charred plant remains included cereal grain, hazel, birch and oak charcoal.


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Johnson, Melanie, Torben Ballin, Adam Jackson, Mhairi Hastie, and Michael Cressey. 2010. “Prehistoric Finds and Environmental Evidence”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 45 (January), 18-45.