Excavations at Pierowall Quarry, Westray, Orkney

Niall M Sharples (Author)

A Barlow (Contributor)

D A Birkett (Contributor)

Ann Clarke (Contributor)

A S Clarke (Contributor)

F MacCormick (Contributor)

M J Stenhouse (Contributor)

G Swinney (Contributor)

Caroline R Wickham-Jones (Contributor)

Clare H Yarrington (Contributor)

Marion O'Neil (Contributor)

Grooved Ware, Round House, Environmental Evidence, Circular Chambered Tomb
Iron Age


Complex multi-period site. Spiral-decorated stones, large circular chambered tomb of mid-3rd millennium, demolished for small structure (Grooved Ware) then abandoned until large Iron Age round house built over cairn. Critical examination of many recent Orkney publications in the light of this evidence, and some new approaches suggested. 14C dates and environmental evidence.


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Sharples, N., Barlow, A., Birkett, D. A., Clarke, A., Clarke, A. S., MacCormick, F., Stenhouse, M. J., Swinney, G., Wickham-Jones, C. R., Yarrington, C. H., & O’Neil, M. (1985). Excavations at Pierowall Quarry, Westray, Orkney. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 114, 75-125. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.114.75.125

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