Neolithic pits and Late Bronze Age roundhouses in the Upper Ury Valley, Aberdeenshire

Richard Moore (Author)

Claire Lingard (Author)

Melanie Johnson (Contributor)

Ann Clarke (Contributor)

Mhairi Hastie (Contributor)

Mike Cressey (Contributor)

Gemma Cruikshanks (Contributor)

Derek Hamilton (Contributor)

Post-built roundhouse, Modified Carinated Bowl, Impressed Ware, Ring-ditch roundhouse, Bronze Age, Neolithic pits
Early Neolithic, Middle to Late Bronze Age


Archaeological monitoring of works on a gas pipeline route in Aberdeenshire, north-west of Inverurie, resulted in the discovery and excavation of several groups of Neolithic pits and four Bronze Age roundhouses. The Neolithic pits were concentrated around the Shevock Burn, a small tributary of the Ury, and in the East and North Lediken areas to the north. They produced significant assemblages of Early Neolithic Impressed Ware and of Modified Carinated Bowl. The Bronze Age roundhouses included the heavily truncated remains of a post-built structure near Pitmachie, the remains of a pair of ring ditch structures near Little Lediken Farm, and another ring ditch structure close to Wrangham village.


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Moore, R., Lingard, C., Johnson, M., Clarke, A., Hastie, M., Cressey, M., … Hamilton, D. (2019). Neolithic pits and Late Bronze Age roundhouses in the Upper Ury Valley, Aberdeenshire. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 148, 13–47.

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