Lecture summaries

Anna Ritchie (Author)

S P Halliday (Author)

E C Fernie (Author)

A Macquarrie (Author)

Colin J M Martin (Author)

Caroline R Wickham-Jones (Author)

Stephen T Driscoll (Author)

Margaret R Nieke (Author)

Neil Manson Cameron (Author)

Lecture summaries


Nine lecture summaries:
Holm of Papa Westray: an insight into the Neolithic use of chambered tombs
Cord rig and early cultivation in the Borders
Early church architecture in the south of Scotland
Torphichen and the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem
The Dartmouth: a 17th-century warship in the Sound of Mull
The procurement and use of stone for flaked tools in prehistoric Scotland
Power and authority in Early Historic Scotland: Pictish stones and other documents
Literacy and power: the introduction and use of writing in Early Historic Scotland
The Romanesque sculpture of Dunfermline Abbey


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Ritchie, A., Halliday, S. P., Fernie, E. C., Macquarrie, A., Martin, C. J. M., Wickham-Jones, C. R., … Cameron, N. M. (1987). Lecture summaries. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 116, 583–592. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.116.583.592

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