The excavation of a midden in the Culbin Sands, Morayshire

John M Coles (Author)

Joan J Taylor (Author)

G Bailey (Contributor)

Animal Bones, Midden, Shellfish, Seeds, Pottery
13th Century, 1st Millennia Bc Ar


NH 991623. Two midden deposits were separated by sterile sandblow. Midden 1, 14C-dated in 13th century bc, yielded seeds of wild plants, and analysis of the shellfish and animal bones in both middens suggests that occupation of the site was temporary and based on domesticated animals, with some consumption of shellfish. Midden 1 contained local Flat-Rimmed ware, noticeably different from the Covesea variety, and reinforcing the impression that this class of pottery cannot be used for dating since it spans the 3rd to the 1st millennia BC. AR


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Coles, J., Taylor, J., & Bailey, G. (1973). The excavation of a midden in the Culbin Sands, Morayshire. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 102, 87-100.

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