Some excavations on the line of the Antonine Wall, 1994-2001

Andrew Dunwell (Author)

Geoff Bailey (Author)

Alan Leslie (Author)

Andrea Smith (Author)

J Atkinson (Contributor)

G Bailey (Contributor)

K Cameron (Contributor)

A Duffy (Contributor)

C Ellis (Contributor)

J Evans (Contributor)

B Glendinning (Contributor)

J Gooder (Contributor)

M Hastie (Contributor)

A Leslie (Contributor)

R McCullagh (Contributor)

E Photos-Jones (Contributor)

P Robins (Contributor)

K Speller (Contributor)

R Strachan (Contributor)

Antonine Wall, Enclosure, Fort Defences
Iron Age


The results of over thirty separate excavations and watching briefs along the line of the Antonine Wall are presented. The alignment and character of the frontier works and fort defences were clarified in several places. New information was obtained regarding a possible enclosure on the north side of the Wall near Auchendavy. Material includes:


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Dunwell, A., Bailey, G., Leslie, A., Smith, A., Atkinson, J., Bailey, G., … Strachan, R. (2003). Some excavations on the line of the Antonine Wall, 1994-2001. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 132, 259–304.

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