The Notes: (3) The Torran Hoard

Marion Campbell (Author)

John M Coles (Author)

spearhead, gouge, knife, ring, Torran, Late Bronze Age
Bronze Age


P.S.A.S., xviii, records that in 1885 two youths digging out a ferret at ‘Craig Beoch on the farm of Torranbeg’ found two bronze spearheads and a socketed gouge, which were subsequently exhibited to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. One spearhead and the gouge were acquired for the National Museum but the other spearhead has been lost; it is believed to have been retained by a nearby land-owner, Mr Bruce of Eredine, but there is also evidence of correspondence about the finds between the finders and the Factor for the Poltalloch Estate, which at that date stretched to Loch Awe. The spearheads in the Poltalloch Collection, now on loan in the National Museum, do not however include any resembling the missing one from Torran.


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Campbell, M., & Coles, J. M. (1965). The Notes: (3) The Torran Hoard. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 96, 352–354.

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