The Excavations at Bonchester Hill, 1950

Cecily Margaret Piggott (Author)

R J A Eckford (Contributor)

J O Ramsay (Contributor)

M Y Orr (Contributor)

M I Platt (Contributor)

Fort, Quern, Ring-headed pin, Iron
Iron Age


After several other excavations in the area, the site at Bonchester hill was excavated in the hopes that it would provide evidence of the structure’s dates and their inhabitants. In particular, the excavators were interested in the dating and cultural origin of a ring-headed pin found at this site in 1906. Although few finds were made during the excavation, the author still reached some conclusions about the site’s earliest period of occupation, the layout of the site and the circumstances of the occupants.


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Piggott, C. M., Eckford, R. J. A., Ramsay, J. O., Orr, M. Y., & Platt, M. I. (1952). The Excavations at Bonchester Hill, 1950. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 84, 113–137.

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