Excavations at Clatchard Craig, Fife

Joanna Close-Brooks (Author)

R Hope-Simpson (Contributor)

Audrey Henshall (Contributor)

D Williams (Contributor)

J G McDonnell (Contributor)

R McCullagh (Contributor)

Lin Barneston (Contributor)

Brian R Hartley (Contributor)

Ewan Campbell (Contributor)

John Hunter (Contributor)

Margaret Guido (Contributor)

N Davey (Contributor)

Burnt Radiocarbon Dates, Stones, Brooches, Metal Disc, Pottery
8th Century, Roman, Dark Age


Neo and IA pottery was found but the multiple ramparts were all of Dark Age date. Ramparts 1 and 3 were timber-laced and had been burnt; radiocarbon dates suggest construction in the 6th/7th century AD. Rampart 2, on a different line, incorporated mortared Roman stones. Finds include a metal disc in hanging-bowl style and a group of clay moulds for penannular brooches of 8th century type. Au (abr)


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Close-Brooks, J., Hope-Simpson, R., Henshall, A., Williams, D., McDonnell, J. G., McCullagh, R., … Davey, N. (1987). Excavations at Clatchard Craig, Fife. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 116, 117–184. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.116.117.184

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