Machrie Moor, Arran: recent excavations at two stone circles

Alison Haggarty (Author)

Audrey Henshall (Contributor)

Richard Grove (Contributor)

Trevor Cowie (Contributor)

Andrew Foxon (Contributor)

Roderick McCullagh (Contributor)

David Jordan (Contributor)

Brian Moffat (Contributor)

Daragh Lehane-Magee (Contributor)

Timber, Pottery, Stone, Cremation, Ceramic, Stone Circles
Neolithic, 1861


Excavations at stone circles 1 and 11 on Machrie Moor revealed previous use of the land on which they were situated, with features dating back to the earlier Neolithic. The exact positions occupied by both circles were found to have been preceded by timber monuments, comprising several elements in the case of circle 1. Evidence for fenced land divisions and ard ploughing between the timber and stone phases was also recovered. Both stone circles contained a single inserted cremation deposit. Stone circle 1 had been dug into in 1861 by James Bryce but circle 11 was previously untouched, having been buried in peat. The ceramic assemblage, though not extensive, produced examples of pottery traditions spanning over a millennium. A catalogue of Neolithic pottery by Audrey Henshall is on microfiche.


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Haggarty, A., Henshall, A., Grove, R., Cowie, T., Foxon, A., McCullagh, R., … Lehane-Magee, D. (1992). Machrie Moor, Arran: recent excavations at two stone circles. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 121, 51–94.

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