Notice of the 'Eirde House' or Underground Chamber, at Migvie, Aberdeenshire, with Plans

Andrew Jervise (Author)

Souterrain, Sculpture, Standing stone, Church, Castle, Kiln
Uncertain, 1862


A description of the souterrain at Migvie that was excavated in 1862, including its dimensions, the materials it was constructed from and some of the artefacts that were discovered in the course of the excavation. The author also makes some observations about some other sites nearby, including the church of Migvie, the sculptured stone that was found beneath it, and Migvie Castle.

At the end of the paper, John Stuart expressed his disapproval that the sculptured stone at Migvie church was vandalised when it was moved to the churchyard.


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Jervise, A. (1865). Notice of the ’Eirde House’ or Underground Chamber, at Migvie, Aberdeenshire, with Plans. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 5, 304–306.

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