Remarks on the Round Tower of Brechin

Andrew Jervise (Author)

William Ormiston (Contributor)

Joseph Robertson (Contributor)

Culdees, Church, Tower, Architecture, Folklore, Cannon, Artillery, Other Society business
Uncertain, Eleventh century, Medieval, Nineteenth century, Sixteenth century


Andrew Jervise describes the dimensions and design of the Brechin Cathedral Round Tower, which he proposes was built in the 11th century. He discusses the relationship of this style of design to the early Irish Christian group, the Culdees. He also suggests some other monuments that he believes could be from the same period based on the similarity of some of their design elements. He concludes by discussing some folk tales and anecdotes about the tower’s construction and continued preservation.


Also appended is a notice from Joseph Robertson of a letter regarding a sixteenth century cannon that was used by the Spanish Armada. The Fellows of the Society encouraged the letter’s suggestion that the cannon be recovered from the sea off the coast of Buchan to be moved into the Museum.


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Jervise, A., Ormiston, W., & Robertson, J. (1862). Remarks on the Round Tower of Brechin. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 3, 28–35.

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