Antiquities of the Copper Region of the North American Lakes

Daniel Wilson (Author)

Robert Chambers (Contributor)

Native American, Copper, Burial practices
Prehistoric, Nineteenth century


The author, having visited North America, describes the copper deposits found on the shores of the Great Lakes and the techniques used by the native peoples of these regions to work this metal into tools and weaponry. He also discusses the discovery of tropical conch shells in this area and the burial practices of some of the native peoples. It is noted that the native Americans hammered the copper into shape while it was cold as they did not use smelting. He concludes by contrasting the geographical factors that he believes affected European and North American history and making some generalisations about the racial characteristics of European and native American peoples.


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Wilson, D., & Chambers, R. (1858). Antiquities of the Copper Region of the North American Lakes. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 2, 203–212.