Excavation of a Bronze Age funerary site at Loth Road, Sanday, Orkney

Paul Sharman (Author)

Ann Clarke (Contributor)

Ann MacSween (Contributor)

Julie Roberts (Contributor)

Diane Alldritt (Contributor)

Effie Photos-Jones (Contributor)

Cremation Burial, Kerbed Cairn, Funerary, Cremated Human Bone, Vessel, Pits
Loth Road; Sanday; Orkney. NGR: HY 60553 34489
Bronze Age


Excavations in 1991 beside Loth Road, Sanday, revealed a funerary site, including two cists, which contained cremated human bone, and several pits. The cremation burial in one of the cists was contained in a soapstone vessel. These features presented evidence for the sorting, selection and differential deposition of pyre remains. The cists and pits were surmounted by a kerbed cairn of unusual construction. Radiocarbon dates from the pits placed the site in the Early to Middle Bronze Age.


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Sharman, Paul, Ann Clarke, Ann MacSween, Julie Roberts, Diane Alldritt, and Effie Photos-Jones. 2007. “Excavation of a Bronze Age Funerary Site at Loth Road, Sanday, Orkney”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 25 (January). https://doi.org/10.9750/issn.1473-3803.2007.25.