Geophysical survey

Lindsey Collier (Author)

Bruce Hobbs (Author)

Tim Neighbour (Author)

Richard Strachan (Author)

Geophysical Radar Survey, Geophysical Survey Capo Long Barrow, Long Barrow, Mound
Neolithic, Bronze Age Date


Capo long barrow is covered with tree stumps and bracken so was considered unsuitable for a geophysical radar survey. A detailed account of the method of resistivity imaging is provided. A total of 48 profile views were taken along with plan views. Profiles taken to the east of the long barrow in front of the presumed entrance and over the low mound proved to be inconclusive.


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Collier, Lindsey, Bruce Hobbs, Tim Neighbour, and Richard Strachan. 2003. “Geophysical Survey”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 6 (January), 8-14.