Topographic survey

Lindsey Collier (Author)

Bruce Hobbs (Author)

Tim Neighbour (Author)

Richard Strachan (Author)

Graeme Warren (Contributor)

Flints, Barrow, Long Barrow, Flint, Mound, Enclosure, Ditches, Flint Knife, Terrace Long Barrow
Neolithic, Bronze Age Date


Four components were identified including a natural terrace, long barrow, a low mound to the east of the long barrow and a trapezoid enclosure system of banks and ditches enclosing the barrow and mound. The relationship between the low mound and the long barrow could not be established. Two flints were recovered from eroded parts of the earthen bank around the long barrow. They were a small secondary chunk of yellow pebble flint, probably a by-produce of knapping and a broken fragment of an unusual plano-convex flint knife of Neolithic or Bronze Age date.


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Collier, Lindsey, Bruce Hobbs, Tim Neighbour, Richard Strachan, and Graeme Warren. 2003. “Topographic Survey”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 6 (January):6-7.