Excavations at Baleshare

Heather James (Author)

Alan Duffy (Author)

Floor, Artefacts, Quernstone Slag, Midden, Grave Pit, Vessel, Pottery, Animal Bone Many Radiocarbon Dates
Bronze Age, Neolithic, Mesolithic, Bronze Ageearly Iron Age


Details of site location are followed by a brief description of the 48-metre length of midden deposit prior to this excavation, and an account of earlier work. The excavation is described in a series of 29 blocks. Remains include midden deposits, dumped deposits, a grave pit containing an inhumation, substantial structural phases, floor layers associated with a circular structure and cultivation layers. Artefacts and ecofacts comprise pottery (including a near complete vessel), a quernstone, slag and animal bone. Many radiocarbon dates are integrated into the archaeological description.


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James, Heather, and Alan Duffy. 2003. “Excavations at Baleshare”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 3 (January), 43-71. http://journals.socantscot.org/index.php/sair/article/view/429.