Chalk Leigh Terrace, Kelso, 1983-4

Paul Sharman (Author)

David Perry (Author)

Sherds, Excavation, Pottery, Clay Pipe Fragments Dating
17th19th Century, 18th, Medieval


A brief documentary history and summary of excavation methodology is followed by a detailed archaeological description. Three phases of activity wee identified (pre-dating, contemporary with and post-dating the 18th- or 19th-century building), the earliest phase can be sub-divided into three or four phases. Finds from phase 1 include pottery and clay pipe fragments dating to the 17th-19th century but it is possible that some of the deposits and features could be earlier. Two residual medieval sherds were found during the excavation.


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Sharman, Paul, and David Perry. 2003. “Chalk Leigh Terrace, Kelso, 1983-4”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 2 (January), 28-35.