Barabhas Machair: Surveys of an Eroding Sandscape

Mary MacLeod Rivett (Author)

Alan Braby (Contributor)

Trevor Cowie (Contributor)

Rebecca Rennell (Contributor)

Mark Elliot (Contributor)

Torben Ballin (Contributor)

Beverley Ballin-Smith (Contributor)

Lithic Scatter, Archaeological Landscape, Croft, Cemetery, Wall, Beaker
Na h-Eileanan an Iar; Barabhas; Scotland; Barabhas Machair; Barabhas Iorach; Barabhas Uarach; Isle of Lewis; Outer Hebrides. NGR: 135100,951300
Late Iron Age, Early Iron Age, Late Bronze Age, Post Medieval, Early Bronze Age


The townships of Barabhas are on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides between the blanket bog of Barabhas Moor to the east, and machair and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The Barabhas Machair (centre NB 351 513) has been eroding for at least a century, and of archaeological interest for nearly as long. Survey and excavations over the last 40 years have revealed settlements from the Early Bronze Age to the present day, in a landscape that has been used and reused. This paper is the first of a series presenting the results of this fieldwork, reporting on the results of the surveys and on the results of initial documentary research, and has been produced as part of a wider post-excavation project supported by Historic Environment Scotland.


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MacLeod Rivett, Mary, Alan Braby, Trevor Cowie, Rebecca Rennell, Mark Elliot, Torben Ballin, and Beverley Ballin-Smith. 2018. “Barabhas Machair: Surveys of an Eroding Sandscape”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 76 (January).