Flotation samples

Timothy Holden (Author)

Stephen Carter (Author)

Jennifer Miller (Author)

Snail Shells, Birch Hazel, Fauna, Charcoal
20th Century


Eleven different taxa of snail shells represent a group that would be typical of moist rubble habitats on generally acid soils very similar to what would be expected from modern fauna at the site. Charcoal data places the site places the site within or close to areas of birch, hazel and willow scrub. The environment would not be very different to that found in wooded valleys and sheltered areas of the coast below 200 m today.


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Holden, Timothy, Stephen Carter, and Jennifer Miller. 2012. “Flotation Samples”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 51 (January):70-72. https://journals.socantscot.org/index.php/sair/article/view/3129.