2.2 Active sites report

Karen Hardy (Author)

Caroline Wickham-Jones (Author)

Steven Ashby (Author)

Phil Austin (Author)

Ann Clarke (Author)

Fraser Hunter (Author)

Andrew Heald (Author)

David Caldwell (Author)

Ann MacSween (Author)

Nicky Milner (Author)

Jacqui Mulville (Author)

Adrienne Powell (Author)

Rachel Parks (Author)

Fish Bone, Bone Comb Charcoal Coarse Stone Tools Metal, Midden, Glass Pottery Shellfish Animal Bone


This section provides information on all sites where artefactual material was recovered. It includes sites that were test pitted, shovel pitted or sites where surface collections took place. It does not include sites with surface midden that were not test pitted. There are specialist contributions on a bone comb, charcoal, coarse stone tools, metal and glass, pottery, shellfish, animal bone and fish bone.


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Hardy, Karen, Caroline Wickham-Jones, Steven Ashby, Phil Austin, Ann Clarke, Fraser Hunter, Andrew Heald, David Caldwell, Ann MacSween, Nicky Milner, Jacqui Mulville, Adrienne Powell, and Rachel Parks. 2009. “2.2 Active Sites Report”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 31 (January), 77-227. http://journals.socantscot.org/index.php/sair/article/view/2131.