Redcastle, Lunan Bay, Angus

the excavation of an Iron Age timber-lined souterrain and a Pictish barrow cemetery

Derek Alexander (Author)

S Carter (Contributor)

M Church (Contributor)

M Cressey (Contributor)

F Hunter (Contributor)

D Ingemark (Contributor)

A Jackson (Contributor)

A MacSween (Contributor)

C McGill (Contributor)

D Oldham (Contributor)

L Sinfield (Contributor)

A Tams (Contributor)

G Warren (Contributor)

K Hicks (Contributor)

G Mudie (Contributor)

A Braby (Contributor)

Barrow, Square Barrows, Round Barrows, Pottery, Graves, Bones, Ditches, Glass, Human Remains, Cemetery, Burials, Iron Tools, Palaeoenvironmental studies, round-ditched burials
Iron Age, early medieval, Neolithic, Roman


Cropmarks of a cemetery containing square- and round-ditched burials were excavated at Redcastle in 1997 and 1998. A total of sixteen graves was recorded: five in square barrows, two in round barrows and nine unenclosed graves. Another round barrow is clearly visible on the aerial photograph outside the excavation area. Preservation of the graves and the human remains therein varied considerably. Analysis of the bones identified two females, three possible females and one possible male. Radiocarbon dating showed that the burials dated from the third to eighth centuries AD. There was no readily apparent connection between gender or age and the use of square or round ditches to enclose the graves. Some evidence was recovered for Neolithic activity in the area while the remains of a timber-lined souterrain were also excavated. The fill of the souterrain contained a range of artefacts including native and Roman pottery, Roman glass and iron tools. Detailed palaeoenvironmental studies were undertaken of the basal deposits in an attempt to clarify the use of the souterrain. Radiocarbon dates indicate that it was in use prior to and during the first to fourth centuries AD. Includes separately authored reports on


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Alexander, D., Carter, S., Church, M., Cressey, M., Hunter, F., Ingemark, D., … Braby, A. (2006). Redcastle, Lunan Bay, Angus: the excavation of an Iron Age timber-lined souterrain and a Pictish barrow cemetery. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 135, 41–118.

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