Excavation of a cist burial on Doons Law, Leetside Farm, Whitsome, Berwickshire

Ciara M Clarke (Author)

Jamie E Hamilton (Author)

M Bruce (Contributor)

B Finlayson (Contributor)

F Hunter (Contributor)

A Sheridan (Contributor)

Copper Awl, Charcoal, Skeletal Bone, Burnt Bone, Cist Burial, Flints, Radiocarbon, Inhumation, Radiocarbon Dates, Palynology, Pottery [Dated], Cists, Pollen
Bronze Age


A cist burial containing the fragmentary remains of a (probably) female skeleton, a decorated Northern British/Northern Rhine Beaker, a group of flints, a fragmentary copper awl and some fragments of burnt bone and charcoal, was unearthed by ploughing in 1995. A sample of skeletal bone yielded a radiocarbon date of 2135-1935 cal BC at one sigma. Analysis of the pollen and spore content in an area of stained cist-floor sediment surrounding the skeleton suggested that flowers of Brassicaceae and Filipendula were deliberately deposited in the cist at the time of the inhumation. A series of trial trenches was excavated around the burial to investigate whether any additional archaeological evidence was detectable, but none was found.


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Clarke, C. M., Hamilton, J. E., Bruce, M., Finlayson, B., Hunter, F., & Sheridan, A. (2000). Excavation of a cist burial on Doons Law, Leetside Farm, Whitsome, Berwickshire. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 129, 189–201. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.129.189.201

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