Report of the Excavation on Traprain Law in the Summer of 1919

Alexander O Curle (Author)

Silver Plate, Coins, Iron Tools Spearheads Coins, Walls, Brooches Rings Glass Beads Glass, Bowls Cups, Pottery, Hearths
Roman, 1819, Bronze Age, Early Fifth Century


Further excavation on the higher levels revealed stone foundations for turf walls, and hearths representing successive periods of occupation. The artefacts are described and illustrated in detail. Early activity is represented by two stone axes and a few Bronze Age objects. Personal items from the main period of occupation include brooches, rings, glass beads, glass and shale armlets, and clasps. Harness mountings, terrets, iron tools, spearheads, coins and pottery. The discovery of a hoard of Roman silver plate is particularly noteworthy. It included bowls, cups, spoons, a miscellaneous collection of pieces of plate and four coins which suggest a date in the early fifth century. Certain of the pieces have a religious character and all are described in detail. The hoard is provisionally interpreted as spoils from a variety of European locations.


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Curle, A. O. (1920). Report of the Excavation on Traprain Law in the Summer of 1919. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 54, 54–124.

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