Interim Report on the Excavations of the Roman Fort at Mumrills, near Falkirk

George MacDonald (Author)

Alexander O Curle (Author)

Pottery Brooches, Antonine Vallum, Gateway, Ditches, Defences, Circular Turret, Rampart, Coin, Iron Objects
Ad 151, Roman


The result of the excavations has been to reveal three, if not four,systems of ditches. The defences of the Antonine Fort were found to have consisted of a rampart,\r\nprobably made of clay, and raised on a cradling of quarried stone, with two ditches in front of it on the south side and, seemingly, three on the west. Where the rampart forms a junction with that of the Antonine vallum, the remains of a small circular turret were discovered. The western gateway was located. The foundations of the Principia were identified, and gave conclusive evidence of, at least, two periods of reconstruction, the dimensions of the earliest of the structures showing a headquarters building, probably as large as, if not larger, than any other found in\r\nBritain. Flanking this foundation on either side were the sites of two long buttressed buildings. Pottery, brooches and iron objects were recovered, in addition to a coin of Pius of AD 151.


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MacDonald, G., & Curle, A. O. (1925). Interim Report on the Excavations of the Roman Fort at Mumrills, near Falkirk. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 59, 194–195.

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