Note on a Small Hoard of Silver Coins found in Eastfield Moss, Fauldhouse

George Macdonald (Author)

Burial, Edward Pennies, Coinage, Mint
1281, 1320, 1300


The hoard consisted of thirty-seven pennies. Many of them were much rubbed and worn. A detailed scrutiny revealed wide differences of date. The majority of the Edward pennies were later than the great coinage of 1300. But one belonged to the issue of 1280, while there were three that must have been minted in 1281. On the other hand, two of those from the ecclesiastical mint at Durham bore the mark of Bishop Kellow (1311-1316), the remaining three showing the mark of his predecessor Beck (1283-1310). Nor were the Kellow pieces the latest: a penny of London and one of Canterbury were evidently contemporary with the Durham pennies of Bishop Beaumont (1317-1333). The sterling of Robert de Bethune (1305-1322) had been minted at Alost, being No. 14 in Chautard's Monnaies au type esterlin. On the whole, the most probable date of burial is circa 1320.


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Macdonald, G. (1913). Note on a Small Hoard of Silver Coins found in Eastfield Moss, Fauldhouse. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 47, 468-469.

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