The military uses of Holyrood Park, Edinburgh in the First World War

Gordon J Barclay (Author)

Holyrood Park, First World War, Liverpool, Scotland
Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


This paper tells the story of the ephemeral and relatively fleeting use of Holyrood Park, Edinburgh between 1914 and 1919. The domestic life and training regime of the units who camped in the Park, in particular the 10th (Liverpool Scottish) King’s Regiment (Liverpool), is described using contemporary documents and photographs. The practice trenches and anti-invasion defences in the south-east corner of the Park are described, along with the large First World War infantry training camp, rediscovered during the research, in the grounds of Duddingston House. The paper also considers the interaction between the soldiery and the city, within the constraints imposed by paucity of evidence – with individuals and with the city’s civic life and its role in the war. Light is cast on socially conservative and morally judgemental views of the interaction between soldiers and young women – the ‘khaki fever’ of the early months of the war.


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Barclay, G. (2021). The military uses of Holyrood Park, Edinburgh in the First World War. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 150, 327-353.

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