Trial excavation of a terrace-edge enclosure at North Mains, Strathallan, Perthshire

Gordon J Barclay (Author)

Myra Tolan (Author)

Coralie Mills (Contributor)

J Barber (Contributor)

Terraceedge Enclosure, Ditch, Ceremonial, Cropmark Ditches, Postholes, Circular House, Charcoal, Radiocarbon Dating, Terrace Edge Enclosure, Ditches
Bronze Age


A small part of the terrace edge enclosure at North Mains was excavated to test the hypothesis that it was contemporary with one or other of the Neolithic/Early Bronze Age ceremonial monuments immediately to the north. Two cropmark ditches and an entrance through them were confirmed by excavation. The inner ditch was very steep sided; postholes were found on the inner edge of both ditches. Possible postholes were also noted on the outer edge of the outer ditch. Traces of a number of structures were located in the interior, including what may be the slight wall-trench of a circular house. The results of radiocarbon dating may suggest that the ditch was dug in the second millennium bc, while at least one of the structures in the interior was in use in the late first millennium bc. A comment on the radiocarbon dates is provided by John Barber (50--1). An appendix gives details of the `Identification of charcoal from North Mains' by Coralie Mills (52--3). Au


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Barclay, G. J., Tolan, M., Mills, C., & Barber, J. (1991). Trial excavation of a terrace-edge enclosure at North Mains, Strathallan, Perthshire. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 120, 45–53.

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