A possible Neolithic settlement at Milton of Leys, Inverness

Richard Conolly (Author)

Ann MacSween (Author)

M Hastie (Contributor)

C R Wickham-Jones (Contributor)

Pottery [Dated], Settlement Sites, Vessel, Postholes, Pits, Radiocarbon Dating, Settlement, Grooved Ware


Excavations by Headland Archaeology identified a cluster of small pits and post-holes at Milton of Leys, Inverness, Highland Council. Neolithic Grooved Ware, including one vessel in the Durrington Walls sub-style,  was recovered from several of the features, which appear to be domestic in function. At present, this is the most northerly example of pottery in the Durrington Walls sub-style. Furthermore, radiocarbon dating has determined that this vessel dates to the second half of the fourth millennium BC, which is one of the earliest dates anywhere in Britain for this style. Milton of Leys is the latest of a number of small Neolithic settlement sites to have been discovered in the Inverness area, where none was previously known. These findings highlight the fact that our picture of the distribution and dating of such pottery and sites reflects accidental discovery during archaeological work and that these sites are very difficult to detect. The project was funded by Tulloch Homes Ltd.


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Conolly, R., MacSween, A., Hastie, M., & Wickham-Jones, C. R. (2004). A possible Neolithic settlement at Milton of Leys, Inverness. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 133, 35–45. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.133.35.45

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