Excavation of Iron Age Burials at Corran, Boreray, Outer Hebrides

Anna Badcock (Author)

Jane Downes (Author)

G Davies (Contributor)

M Giles (Contributor)

A Witkin (Contributor)

Cists, Pit, Cist, Burials, Inhumation, Long Cist, Cell, Animal Bones
Iron Age, Late Iron Age


Reports an archaeological recording of an area of eroding dunes on the Isle of Boreray, North Uist. Several structures were visible in section including a probable house, two cists and the partial remains of a small corbelled structure or cell. The cists and corbelled structure were fully excavated. One cist was a long cist containing a flexed inhumation, the other was a short cist containing a crouched inhumation. The skeletal remains were very well preserved. Animal bones were found within the corbelled structure, some of them contained in a pit. The remains date to the Middle and Late Iron Age. Includes specialist reports on:


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Badcock, A., Downes, J., Davies, G., Giles, M., & Witkin, A. (2002). Excavation of Iron Age Burials at Corran, Boreray, Outer Hebrides. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 130, 197–222. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.130.197.222

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