Excavations at the Roman civil settlement at Inveresk, 1976-77

Gordon D Thomas (Author)

Lin P D Barnetson (Contributor)

Catherine Brooks (Contributor)

Brenda Dickinson (Contributor)

Chris Going (Contributor)

George Haggarty (Contributor)

Katherine Hartley (Contributor)

A J Hayes (Contributor)

Audrey Henshall (Contributor)

N McQ Holmes (Contributor)

Anne K Howard (Contributor)

Vivien Swan (Contributor)

Roberta S Tomber (Contributor)

Timber Buildings, Stone Furnace, Stone, Civil Settlement, Glass, Pottery, Iron Tools Bronze Jewellery Samian Pottery


Antonine 1 structures include timber buildings and a stone furnace, while Antonine 2 saw rebuilding on a much grander scale with massive timber buildings and one stone building, all set on a grid with cobbled roads. Evidence of industrial activity may include production of a type of pottery unique to Inveresk. Other finds consist of iron tools, bronze jewellery, samian pottery and glass, some of unexpectedly high quality. A R


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Thomas, G. D., Barnetson, L. P. D., Brooks, C., Dickinson, B., Going, C., Haggarty, G., … Tomber, R. S. (1989). Excavations at the Roman civil settlement at Inveresk, 1976-77. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 118, 139–176. https://doi.org/10.9750/PSAS.118.139.176

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