The excavation of the chambered cairn at Glenvoidean, Isle of Bute

Dorothy N Marshall (Author)

Isabel D Taylor (Author)

J G Scott (Contributor)

Vessels, Pottery, Round Cairn, Vessel, Cairn, Burnt Material, Corndrying Kiln, Burials, Axial Chamber
Neolithic, Medieval


NR 997705. Excavation of this multi-period Clyde cairn revealed a simple axial chamber within a round cairn, to which were added two lateral chambers set in an oval cairn. The whole was then enclosed in a trapezoidal cairn with a straight façade and a forecourt on which fires had been lit before the final blocking. No burials survived, but pottery included Beacharra and Rothesay style vessels. A 14C date was obtained from burnt material beneath a side-slab of the axial chamber. A two-tiered cist, containing an enlarged food vessel, and a medieval corn-drying kiln represent later insertions into the cairn. J G Scott discusses in detail the Rothesay style of Neolithic pottery. A R


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Marshall, D. N., Taylor, I. D., & Scott, J. G. (1979). The excavation of the chambered cairn at Glenvoidean, Isle of Bute. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 108, 1–39.

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