Small cairns in Argyll: some recent work

J N Graham Ritchie (Author)

Frances Lynch (Author)

Dorothy N Marshall (Author)

Iain Thornber (Author)

Dorothy A Lunt (Contributor)

Stephen G Rees-Jones (Contributor)

Leslie Rymer (Contributor)

D M Rich Gray (Contributor)

Ritchie Charcoal, Microliths, Cremation Burials, Cairns
C 1000 Bc


The first two authors report on the excavation of a series of cairns in the Aline Valley, Morvern: Acharn (NM 702504, NM 697507), Claggan (NM 697493) and Kinlochaline (NM 692474). The latter two sites belong to the kerb-cairn class of monument, and a discussion of kerb-cairns in Argyll, Perthshire, Aberdeenshire and N Wales is provided by Lynch and Ritchie. Charcoal associated with central cremation burials at Claggan gave radiocarbon dates centred on c 1000 bc. D N Marshall reports on the excavation of an allied monument at Portavadie, Cowal (NR 933691). An appendix records mesolithic sites with microburins and microliths at Acharn, Morvern (NM 697504). AR


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Ritchie, J. N. G., Lynch, F., Marshall, D. N., Thornber, I., Lunt, D. A., Rees-Jones, S. G., … Gray, D. M. R. (1977). Small cairns in Argyll: some recent work. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 106, 15–38.

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