Bronze Age burials at Gairneybank, Kinross-shire

Trevor Cowie (Author)

Graham Ritchie (Author)

Dorothy A Lunt (Contributor)

A Young (Contributor)

Burial, Burials, Vessel Burials, Skeletal Remains, Cemetery, Radiocarbon Dates, Bowl, Cist Burials
Bronze Age


Rescue excavation in 1970 recorded three cist burials, one associated with a bowl and a flat riveted knife-dagger and another with an accompanying Food Vessel. Two other finds, a Beaker and a Food Vessel, have been rescued from the same area and clearly represent further burial deposits in a small cemetery of early second millennium bc date.A list of radiocarbon dates associated with Food Vessel burials from east-central Scotland by Alison Sheridan & Trevor Cowie is in an appendix (107--8). The skeletal remains are described by D A Lunt & A Young on microfiche (1:B1--B8).


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Cowie, T., Ritchie, G., Lunt, D. A., & Young, A. (1992). Bronze Age burials at Gairneybank, Kinross-shire. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 121, 95–109.

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