New dates for enclosed sites in north-east Scotland

results of excavations by the Northern Picts project

Gordon Noble (Author)

James O'Driscoll (Author)

Cathy MacIver (Author)

Edouard Masson-MacLean (Author)

Oskar Sveinbjarnarson (Author)

Enclosed sites, Northern Picts project, Fort, Ramparts, Wall, Ditch
Early medieval, Iron Age


This article presents the results of a programme of investigation into the enclosed settlements/forts and promontory forts of north-east Scotland, undertaken as part of the Northern Picts project. Reconnaissance excavations are reported on for nine sites: Crathie Point and Durn Hill, northern Aberdeenshire (Banffshire); Barmkyn of North Keig, Hill of Keir, Hill of Christ’s Kirk and Cnoc Cailliche (Wheedlemont), central Aberdeenshire; and Doune of Relugas, Knock of Alves and Wester Tulloch, Moray. Targeted excavation was undertaken at all examples and in the majority of cases produced a basic chronology for key phases of occupation/enclosure at the sites in question. Thirty-two new radiocarbon dates are presented, with a number of sites producing Iron Age dates, but a smaller number also revealing early medieval phases of occupation and use.

Canmore ID 17947

Canmore ID 17973

Canmore ID 17701

Canmore ID 19341

Canmore ID 18141

Canmore ID 17215

Canmore ID 15755

Canmore ID 16214

Canmore ID 15766


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Noble, G., O'Driscoll, J., MacIver, C., Masson-MacLean, E., & Sveinbjarnarson, O. (2020). New dates for enclosed sites in north-east Scotland: results of excavations by the Northern Picts project. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 149, 165–196.

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