Excavation of Prehistoric Roundhouses and Post-Medieval Kilns at Drumyocher and Hospital Shields, Aberdeenshire

Author(s): Melanie Johnson

Contributor(s): Sue Anderson, Torben Ballin, M Cressey, Mhairi Hastie, Adam Jackson, Dawn McLaren, Phil Richardson, Alan Braby, Karen Clarke, L White

Summary: A programme of archaeological watching brief and excavation was carried out by CFA Archaeology Ltd along the route of the Aberdeen to Lochside Natural Gas Pipeline during its construction in 2004. The remains of four truncated Middle Bronze Age roundhouses, one Iron Age post-built roundhouse with a souterrain entered from the house, and two medieval or post-medieval corn-drying kilns were excavated at Drumyocher Farm, near Arbuthnott, Aberdeenshire. An assemblage of decorated pottery was recovered, unusually for this period. The remains of three truncated probable ring-ditch roundhouses were excavated to the north-east of Hospital Shields Farm, near St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire; these features have been radiocarbon dated to the Late Bronze Age.

Keyword(s): roundhouse, roundhouse, souterrain, corn drying kiln, kiln

Period(s): Middle Bronze Age, Iron Age, Iron Age, Medieval, Late Medieval

Location(s): Drumyocher Farm, Arbuthnott, Aberdeenshire, Hospital Shields Farm, St Cyrus, Scotland. NGR: 378310,776790; 372150,767400

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Published: 01-01-2017