Unenclosed Prehistoric Settlement and Early Medieval Pits at Macallan Distillery, Craigellachie, Highlands

Author(s): Lindsay Dunbar

Contributor(s): Dawn McLaren, Jackaline Robertson, Rob Engl

Summary: The excavation of a greenfield development at the Macallan Distillery, Craigellachie, Moray has revealed the remains of four episodes of heavily truncated settlement activity on a gravel terrace above the River Spey. In the Middle Bronze Age there was pit-digging activity, followed by a Late Bronze Age settlement consisting of at least two, and probably four, post-ring roundhouses and a four-poster. A single ring-ditch roundhouse represents Middle Iron Age settlement, and activity in the ninth to twelfth centuries ad is represented by a number of large rubbish disposal pits possibly associated with two post-ring roundhouses. A small assemblage of macroplant, charcoal and burnt bone was recovered, as well as a small amount of prehistoric pottery, a few coarse stone artefacts and metalworking residues.

Keyword(s): Roundhouse, Post hole, Quarry pit, Ring ditch, Pit

Period(s): Medieval, Middle Bronze Age, Late Bronze Age, Middle Iron Age

Location(s): Macallan Distillery, Craigellachie, Aberlour, Moray, Scotland, River Spey, Easter Elchies House. NGR: 327800,844700

Permissions: Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivatives licence.

Published: 01-01-2017