Neolithic domesticity and other prehistoric anomalies: excavations at Laigh Newton, East Ayrshire

Author(s): Ronan Toolis

Contributor(s): Jo Bacon, Gillian McSwan, Ingrid Shearer, Torben Bjarke Ballin, Beverley Ballin Smith, Martin Carruthers, Charlotte Francoz, Heather James, Kirsteen McLellan, Susan Ramsay, Joe Somerville, Dave Swan

Summary: A series of archaeological evaluations and excavations at Laigh Newton in East Ayrshire revealed evidence for intermittent occupation of this valley terrace between the Mesolithic and the Late Iron Age. The plough-truncated archaeology included the remains of a rectangular building and associated features of the mid-late fourth millennium BC, a more ephemeral structure and related pits of the mid third millennium BC, a charcoal-burning pit of the mid-first millennium AD and two other rectilinear structures of indeterminate date.

Keyword(s): Rectangular Building, Pits, Rectilinear Structures, Pottery, Lithics, Plant Remains

Period(s): Late Iron Age, Prehistoric, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age

Location(s): NGR: 5937 3684; 5982 3693; 6029 3695

ISBN: 978 0903 903 516

Published: 01-01-2011