Excavations to the West of Gogar Mains, Edinburgh

Heather James (Author)

Bob Will (Author)

Susan Ramsay (Contributor)

Beverley Ballin-Smith (Contributor)

F Jackson (Contributor)

Gillian McSwan (Contributor)

Sarah Baille (Contributor)

Torben Ballin (Contributor)

pit, corn drying kiln, post hole, palisaded enclosure
Edinburgh; Gogar Mains; Scotland. NGR: 315770,672760; 316520,672500; 316640,672530; 316850,672710
Bronze Age, Early Medieval, Neolithic, Iron Age


This report records the results of the excavation of a multi-period site that was discovered within the construction corridor of the Edinburgh tram line. The site is located to the west of Gogar Mains and to the east of the Park and Ride car park by Edinburgh Airport. It was discovered during an archaeological evaluation in 2006 along the proposed tram route (Sneddon and Will 2006). Following this, an open area excavation uncovered a range of features and structures that date from the Neolithic and Bronze Age through to the late Iron Age and early medieval period. These features include a palisaded enclosure, two possible corn-drying kilns and a dense concentration of post-holes and pits (James 2008). The excavation was carried out by Glasgow University Archaeological Research Division (GUARD), while the postexcavation phase was undertaken by GUARD Archaeology Ltd on behalf of Edinburgh Tram Project for The City of Edinburgh Council. During the course of the tram construction programme a military pillbox next to the airport was recorded in advance of demolition (see Appendix).


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James, Heather, Bob Will, Susan Ramsay, Beverley Ballin-Smith, F Jackson, Gillian McSwan, Sarah Baille, and Torben Ballin. 2017. “Excavations to the West of Gogar Mains, Edinburgh”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 72 (January). https://doi.org/10.9750/issn.2056-7421.2017.72.