Archaeological results

Ian Suddaby (Author)

Pits, Postbuilt Round Houses, Ditched Enclosure, Pottery, Metalworking, Ring Ditch, Postsetting, Ditch
Late Bronze Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age


A detailed archaeological description with accompanying illustrations. Excavation identified 270 features and although some were revealed to be agricultural in origin, many formed coherent sites. They included a circular ditched enclosure with later Bronze Age/Iron Age features; two late Bronze Age unenclosed post-built round houses, one with a ring ditch structure within it; three post-alignments and a ditch enclosing a post-setting; two features characteristic of mini souterrains, pits containing ferrous metalworking debris and pits containing Beaker pottery.


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Suddaby, Ian. 2013. “Archaeological Results”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 54 (January), 8-34.