An early Bronze Age unenclosed cremation cemetery and Mesolithic pit at Skilmafilly, near Maud, Aberdeenshire

Kirsty Cameron (Author)

Melanie Johnson (Author)

Adam Jackson (Contributor)

Kathleen McSweeney (Contributor)

Dawn McLaren (Contributor)

Torben Ballin (Contributor)

Catherine Smith (Contributor)

Mhairi Hastie (Contributor)

Lucy Verrill (Contributor)

pit, bone, cremation cemetery, charcoal, cemetery, Grave, Cremations, Bone, Charcoal, Flint, Pits
Skilmafilly; Maud; Aberdeen. NGR: 9088 3990
Mesolithic, Early Bronze Age, Late Neoloithic


An unenclosed Early Bronze Age cremation cemetery was excavated by CFA Archaeology Ltd (CFA) during a watching brief associated with the construction of a natural gas pipeline from St Fergus to Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, in the summer of 2001. The cremation cemetery contained 41 pits, 29 of which contained cremated human bone, and 11 of these were associated with Collared or Cordoned Urns. The cremations have been radiocarbon dated, through a combination of charcoal and bone apatite, to 2040 to 1500 BC, and the cemetery is the most comprehensively dated in Britain of this period. A variety of grave goods were recovered, including a pair of Golden Eagle talons and a flint foliate knife. A large Mesolithic pit was found in the same location as the cremation pits and was dated to 4510-3970 BC.


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Cameron, Kirsty, Melanie Johnson, Adam Jackson, Kathleen McSweeney, Dawn McLaren, Torben Ballin, Catherine Smith, Mhairi Hastie, and Lucy Verrill. 2012. “An Early Bronze Age Unenclosed Cremation Cemetery and Mesolithic Pit at Skilmafilly, Near Maud, Aberdeenshire”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 53 (January).