Artefactual and environmental evidence

Derek Hall (Author)

Adrian Cox (Author)

Adam Jackson (Author)

Catherine Smith (Author)

Ruby Ceron-Carrasco (Author)

Window Glass, Dog Marine Shells, Cattle Sheepgoat Horse Pig, Fishing Bait, Worked Stone, Rhenish Stonewares Copper Alloy, Animal Bone, Pottery Sherds, Vessel Glass, Arrowhead Blades, Costume Fittings Vessel, Trough, Scottish Gritty Ware


An assemblage of 1053 pottery sherds comprised mainly Scottish gritty ware with some Scottish redware and Rhenish stonewares. Copper alloy objects included costume fittings, vessel components and ferrules. Iron objects included an arrowhead, blades, a hasp and a possible spur arm. Window and vessel glass included a fragment of medieval window glass. Spindle whorls, a trough and a pivot stone were among the worked stone items. Animal bone was mainly cattle, sheep/goat, horse, pig and dog. Marine shells were mainly young periwinkle and limpet which would have been used as fishing bait.


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Hall, Derek, Adrian Cox, Adam Jackson, Catherine Smith, and Ruby Ceron-Carrasco. 2011. “Artefactual and Environmental Evidence”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 50 (January):17-30.