Bronze Age cemetery (Area D)

Melanie Johnson (Author)

Alison Sheridan (Author)

Graeme Warren (Author)

Adam Jackson (Author)

Dawn McLaren (Author)

Peter Northover (Author)

Sue Anderson (Author)

Cremated Human Bone, Cemetery, Hammerstone, Graves, Flint, Drying Kiln, Cremated Remains
Medieval, Bronze Age


The cemetery comprised three graves containing cremated remains and two possible inhumations. More interments may have been present prior to the insertion of the post-medieval drying kiln. A detailed archaeological description is followed by specialist reports on radiocarbon dates, a Collared Urn, worked flint, a hammerstone, an antler pin, a bronze dagger and cremated human bone.


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Johnson, Melanie, Alison Sheridan, Graeme Warren, Adam Jackson, Dawn McLaren, Peter Northover, and Sue Anderson. 2011. “Bronze Age Cemetery (Area D)”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 46 (January), 27-42.