Neolithic structure (Area A)

Alison Sheridan (Author)

Sue Anderson (Author)

Graeme Warren (Author)

Mhairi Hastie (Author)

Pottery, Sherd Fired Clay Bone, Radiocarbon Dates, Timber, Charred Plant Remains
Iron Age, Prehistoric, Neolithic


All the evidence for Neolithic activity is presented in this chapter. The timber structure is described under the following headings: terminals, side walls, internal structural elements, internal features and external features, and possible interpretations are presented. There are specialist sections on radiocarbon dates, prehistoric pottery (including a single Iron Age sherd), fired clay, bone and charred plant remains. The discussion considers the evidence for a single structure or separate structures, function and destruction.


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Sheridan, Alison, Sue Anderson, Graeme Warren, and Mhairi Hastie. 2011. “Neolithic Structure (Area A)”. Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports 46 (January), 6-26.